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Law NW Public Service Career Fairs

Interview Process


Who can interview?

Although students and alumni from any law school can participate in the open Table Talk, only students from NW Consortium schools can apply for pre-scheduled interviews.

How to apply.

  1. Register for the career fair ($15 for one, $25 for both). Remember to check which employers are registered for each fair as attendance varies.
  2. Add the 2014 NW Public Service Career Fair National Course page(s) through Westlaw’s TWEN.
    • Students:  the registration confirmation email you receive contains the password needed to add these “Course” pages.
    • Alumni:  the confirmation email you receive from registering contains instructions on requesting a TWEN guest account.
  3. Click “Submit Applications Here” on the left side of the Fair TWEN page for the city you are interested in to load the Assignment Dropbox.
  4. Click on the name of the position you are interested in to load that position.
  5. Be sure to use the link on the position page to read the job posting for specific details (ie: job description, qualifications, etc).
  6. Click on the “Submit Assignment” button to load the submission page.
  7. Click the “Browse” button and select the single pdf of your application materials.

    • Most employers only require a cover letter and resume but a few require more, so carefully check the posting information.
    • Upload your materials in a single pdf file.
    • pdf creation is built into newer versions of Word and the print system in MacOS. Free Windows programs for creating pdf files are available at: or
    • Your name will be automatically added to your submission by TWEN.
  8. Click the “Submit” button to finalize your application.You can ignore the “Message to Course Administrator” box when submitting applications. Anything entered in this box will be discarded.
  9. When the assignment list loads, verify that your submission is noted with a date and time below the position name.
  10. Repeat 2 through 8 for each position you are interested in.

You can re-submit materials for any position, but only the last uploaded file will be sent to the employer; this is why it is important that your application be a single pdf file.


The application deadline for pre-selected interviews is 11:59 pm, Monday, January 13, 2014. 


Students and alumni will be notified by January 24, 2014 whether they have been selected for an interview.  Some employers will select alternates to receive interviews should space become available.

Interview rejection deadline.

If you will not be able to accept any interviews, you must notify the career fair by January 29, 2014.

Attending your interview.

Be sure to check in at the career fair at least ten minutes prior to your first interview time. If you do not check in, your interviews will be given to alternates if available.

At interview time, students and alumni will be released into the interview room as a group.

Law NW Public Service Career Fairs

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