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Chapter Officers

 2017/2018 Board Members


President: Hayley Hollis

After witnessing the changes made in her home state of Texas, including the Wendy Davis filibuster to block the restrictive legislation of women’s reproductive rights, it is apparent that there is still much to be done to ensure that reproductive rights are protected for all, regardless of race, age, or socio-economic level. She looks forward to working with If/When/How throughout law school and beyond. Hayley has worked in education for the past ten years, as a high school speech and debate coach, campus technologist, and adjunct professor at a local college.

Vice President: Nicole Burke








Nicole has always had a passion for social justice and majored in Criminology, Law and Society as an undergraduate to explore the intersection between societal inequalities and law.  She came to law school to have the opportunity to make a larger impact on the continued fight for greater equality. The political climate has caused resources and the constitutionally recognized right to make our own decisions to come under fire.  She is driven to help bring light to these issues at Lewis and Clark and in our community.

Treasurer: Cassandra Dawn

Cassandra believes that reproductive justice is essential to the success and well being of women everywhere. Today, 11 states have an almost total ban on abortion, 26 provide “severely restricted access,” and nine provide just “some access.” Despite the fact that over 70% of Americans believe abortion is, and should be, a right. Cassandra is proud to be part of Governor Kate Brown’s  efforts to protect this right. Prior to L&C Law, Cassandra enjoyed many years as a professor of writing and teacher in New York City.


Outreach Coordinator: Natalie Barringer

Natalie is passionate about meaningful access to reproductive healthcare, and with the current administration’s stated policies, she is now more fired up than ever about doing her part to ensure that we do not lose any of our hard-won rights. She has experience helping to run campus organizations, coordinating events, and getting the word out about functions. Prior to law school, she worked for five years in digital marketing and has copywriting experience, design experience, and extensive knowledge of best practices around online marketing and social media. 

1L Representative: Olivia Caron-Noble

Olivia is passionate about reproductive justice and is interested in intersectionalities that affect access to it. They have volunteered with Planned Parenthood, written about access to reproductive health at length, and have worked on reproductive justice-focused activism. Prior to law school, they worked for the litigation group at Perkins Coie LLP and completed a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.