Law School Running Club


We know reading law books and drinking coffee all day is healthier than say, clearing asbestos insulation out of your attic with a putty knife and a shop vac. But sometimes you have to take a break from that healthy law school lifestyle, and join your fellow students on a nice relaxing run. Whether you want to do a quick jog through the trails behind the school, or a longer weekend run along the Willamette, you’ll find runners that are just your speed. You’ll never know how interesting Con Law can get until you talk about substantive due process at mile 9!

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So far this year, members have done the 2008 Shamrock Race, and are training for the Race for the Roses half marathon in April. All levels are welcome, so to find out more, join the email list and get plugged in to all things running at the law school. We’re always looking for more races and events to get free t-shirts from, so tell us about any upcoming races you think we should know about.

See you out on the road!

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