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Soccer Club

We the people of Soccer Club, in order to form a more perfect law student, wish to use the game of soccer to foster teamwork, friendship, networking through common sport, stress relief, and physical health.

The Soccer Club was established in the year 2008 as a means of bringing together fellow law students through team sport. Since establishment, the Soccer Club has consistently benefited the student body by:

(1) providing 1Ls with an avenue for interacting and socializing with upper classmen;

(2) providing alumni with a means of keeping connected with the current student body; and

(3) providing all members with the opportunity to temper the stress of law school through the kicking of soccer balls at other law students and alumni.

The Soccer Club also participates in intramurals every year with the larger Lewis and Clark institution.

Game times vary throughout the semester, but you may access our calendar here.