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  • This coffee is far from campus but has excellent beverages.  It may be a little short on table space and may be a little crowded for studying, but the environment is great for study breaks.
  • I find the noodle to be key with pad se ew and Baan-Thai’s achieves the proper “chewy but not too chewy” designation.
  • While Blossoming Lotus is a bit pricier than the other bowl places in Portland, it offers a wide range of vegan food to choose from, and a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.
  • They serve good food, like yummy pizzas and brats, but they also have a lot of healthy and gluten free options, such as a vegan bowl.
  • Because law students like to find distinguishing elements when comparing things, let’s talk about what makes Burgerville stand out from your average fast food chain. Burgerville is largely a product of the Oregon lifestyle.
  • (Image courtesy of KATU-TV)
    The spice level is enjoyable without being overbearing, and the spices linger rather than sear. The meals should be accompanied with Garlic Nan.
  • The bacon is crispy and amazing and drips grease on my dollar bill green vintage wash tee-shirt (GAP kids $5.99) but its skin tight and should dry fast.
  • A quirky coffee shop with a good selection of comics to boot.
  • (The Oregonian)
    Portland’s fabulous Hammy’s Pizza is not only open for take-out until 2:30am but it’s incredible pizza will cause even the mightiest pizza snobs to fall to their knees in joy.
  • Some might complain about the cleanliness of the spot – but in my experience the more hole-in-the-wall a Mexican spot is – the better the food is.
  •  A cute coffee with real food and a good environment for studying.
  • A lot of people might be tempted to describe Nob Hill Bar and Grill as a dive bar, but that is a bit off the mark
  • A good coffee shop with plenty of works space and late hours.
  • (Photo courtesy Urban Spoon)
    Unless your firm is footing the bill, most law students will prefer the not-so-best-kept-happy-hour-secret.
  • The cupcakes have a great consistency, always soft and moist, and the frosting is just the right sweetness to complement the flavor of the cake.
  • The restaurant also offers typical Japanese fair such as udon, curries, and tempura.
  •  A 24-hour coffee shop with free internet, great coffee, and a friendly staff.
  • The coffee shop has a good selection of beverages, but the Annex may be a better study spot.  The location is great if you are looking for food or other study break diversions.
  • Sushi Hana is a “bargain” sushi eatery with locations throughout Portland and Southern Washington.
  • I went to Swagat because I was at the gym with a friend of mine and we wanted to get Indian food and a lady in the locker room said it was good.
  • A cheery coffee shop and bakery with friendly staff.
  • Bomber Restaurant & Catering is an all-American diner that serves breakfast items like De Gaulle’s Special, 4 triangles of cinnamon French toast.
  • Whether you stop in for a Dakota Burger or one of their tasty Slider Specials during Blazer games you will not be disappointed.
  • Every sporting event you could possibly imagine is available, and 22 TVs to watch them on. Decent food, the highlight definitely being the wings.
  • The Grilled Cheese Grill is a pretty fun quirky spot. It has a wide range of classic and unique grilled cheese options.
  • If you are vegetarian and tired of the usual veggie burger, try the roasted zucchini garbanzo burger.
  • The menus feature classic diner fare such as meat loaf and burgers, next to more atypical dishes like duck and kobe sirloin.
  • These Waffle Window waffles are those waffles crazy great-grandmother who gives you awesome presents for your birthday.
  • The Whole Bowl does a great job of getting customers in and out, providing them with great service, and relatively healthy food in a reasonable amount of time.
  • A quiet and spacious coffee shop that is also open late.