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Everyone knows that law school is about reading, writing, and thinking critically. You can find loads of advice on how to study. It may be more difficult, however, to ferret out advice on how to make law school a satisfying and productive experience that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

Students may find that at some points in their law school experience the amount of work is daunting. Students may also find that after the first semester – when law school was intriguing and challenging – they are now mostly feeling challenged, and there is no accompanying sense of having accomplished something worthwhile by meeting the challenge.

So, a few of us in the administration and on the faculty have put together this web page. It has links to information on the web that can be useful. Not all of it will be of interest or helpful to everyone. Pick what seems relevant or helpful to you. We welcome suggestions on resources to add to the site. Have you found something that inspired you, or that helped you keep your perspective or balance in law school? Send it along to Associate Dean Libby Davis ( so others can benefit from your knowledge and discoveries.




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