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Lewis & Clark Law School Programs

At Lewis & Clark, you will be challenged daily to solve real-world legal problems. Our curriculum is designed to give you the legal knowledge, practical skills, and professional acumen to succeed in your legal career.

Take the Next Step in Your Education

Lewis & Clark Law School prepares you to think like a lawyer from the start, building your foundational knowledge of the law and applying that knowledge to practical settings in the classroom. You’ll continue to develop these skills through required experiential learning both inside and outside the classroom with moot courts, clinics, and one of the largest externship programs in the nation. Our first-year and lawyering programs will teach you a new way of thinking, while preparing you for all the legal writing to come throughout your time at L&C and after you graduate.
Why Choose Lewis & Clark Law School >

Shaping Tomorrow’s Legal Leaders

Our accomplished faculty members are experts in their field. They are committed to the success of each of their students, and they bring enthusiasm, innovative scholarship, and practical experience to the classroom. Our faculty foster a supportive and collaborative environment, providing additional experiential learning opportunities, mentorship, and advice.

Faculty Directory  Faculty Highlights

Study Abroad as a Law Student

As a law student at Lewis & Clark, you have access to enriching study abroad opportunities. L&C has partnerships with the summer study abroad program at the University of San Diego, Santa Clara Law School, and with the China Program at the University of Missouri Kansas City. We also partner with several law schools abroad, which supports the exchange of students between institutions for entire semesters at a time. Students who are interested in an international practice have opportunities to obtain relevant practical work experience in the United States or abroad through international externships.

International Opportunities

Juris Doctor (JD) Degree Program

Our renowned JD program offers specialized pathways in a variety of cutting-edge fields, catering to both full-time and part-time students. Discover your passion, unlock your potential, and chart your path to success with us. Your future begins here.

Environmental Law

Specialize Your Degree

Our specialized JD certificate programs—such as our advocacy and top-ranked environmental law program—offer in-depth knowledge and practical skills tailored to your chosen field, equipping you with a competitive edge in the job market.

JD Certificates

Stack of MBA and law textbooks.

Joint Degree Programs

Students pursuing our joint degree programs earn both their juris doctor degree and a specialized degree within an accelerated time frame, saving valuable time and money.

Joint JD/MBA With Portland State University Joint JD/LLM in Environmental Law

With strong bar pass rates and outstanding employment outcomes, our grads leave ready to practice law in a variety of settings.

Flexible Options

We provide the flexibility that students are looking for by offering full- and part-time divisions. In the first year, full-time students usually take classes during the day; part-time students take evening courses. After your first year, you can switch things around and take courses in the day, in the evening, or both.

Part-time and Full-time Options

Putting Theory Into Practice

Lewis & Clark offers robust opportunities to learn the practical skills of client negotiation, making persuasive arguments, and courtroom techniques. We have one of the largest externship programs in the country, as well as an Advocacy Center and numerous clinics where you can learn from real-world experiences while still in school. Employers seek out our graduates and regularly state that they are “practice ready.”

Experiential Learning at Lewis & Clark Law

Master of Law (LLM) Degree Programs

Our two advanced legal degree programs in environmental law and animal law are designed for U.S. and international law graduates and attorneys seeking to specialize their skills for practice, teaching, research, academia, policy, and more.

Animal Law

Lewis & Clark’s advanced animal law legal degree program (the world’s first!) offers a robust curriculum taught by distinguished faculty and practitioners. Choose between our in-person or online programs on a schedule that works for you.

Online Program In-Person Program

Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law

Lewis & Clark’s dynamic environmental law program is top-ranked in the country, and attracts lawyers from all over the world. You have the flexibility to choose from our in-person or online programs, and we have an accelerated joint JD/LLM program, saving you a semester of time and money.

Online Program In-Person Program

Joint JD/LLM in Environmental Law

Master of Legal Studies (MSL) Degree Programs

An MSL degree is a great choice for college graduates and professionals who want to learn about animal or environmental law but do not wish to practice law. The degree can be completed full-time in one year, with various part-time options also available. MSL students take some of the same classes as our JD students and are taught by our experienced environmental law faculty. Examples of candidates for the MSL program include federal agency employees, teachers, elected officials, journalists, people pursuing careers in lobbying or nonprofit organizations, and business people seeking a deeper understanding of animal or environmental regulations.

Animal Law

Lewis & Clark’s animal law master’s degree program for nonlawyers (the first of its kind!) allows you to gain a legal education and apply it to your career outside the courtroom. The online and in-person programs are taught by the same renowned faculty, and offer unique learning opportunities for every student.

Online Program In-Person Program

Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law

Lewis & Clark’s top-ranked environmental law program offers a master’s degree for nonlawyers. Choose between our flexible online and in-person programs, and earn a high-value degree that can greatly enhance your career prospects upon graduation.

Online Program In-Person Program

SJD Program in Animal Law

Lewis & Clark offers the world’s first and only animal law doctoral program. Our Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) in Animal Law program is designed for U.S. and international advanced legal degree holders seeking to dedicate their careers to animal law research, scholarship, teaching, or policy. The three-year program has a rich and diverse curriculum, taught by the field’s leading faculty and practitioners. By the end of the program, SJD candidates will have produced and defended a dissertation of publishable quality that makes a substantive contribution to the animal law field.

Animal Law SJD Program