Academic Enhancement Program

The Academic Enhancement Program employs holistic and data-driven techniques to help students from all backgrounds successfully enter the legal profession.

The Academic Enhancement Program is available to all students to assist with adjusting to the law school academic environment, exam preparation, outlining, identifying supportive resources, and more. The program offers:

  • An optional, space-limited, weeklong Summer Institute for incoming 1L students, immediately prior to the beginning of their first term;
  • Biweekly skills-building sessions open to all 1L students, to help reinforce the classroom learning of core doctrinal classes;
  • Workshops and review sessions on topics such as exam skills and outlining;
  • Student advising support through the Director of Equity, Inclusion & Academic Resources.

AEP Summer Institute

All entering students may apply to participate in the AEP Summer Institute. The Summer Institute offers a weeklong introduction to the academic rigors, supportive services, culture, and demands of law school. While all incoming students are invited to participate in the program, the Summer Institute is space-limited and is typically able to accommodate 40 students.

If more than 40 students apply, a committee determines which applicants can attend. The most important factors to the committee will be those that indicate the legal profession and law school are likely to be a new or challenging environment. In selecting participants for the program, the committee considers whether:

a) The student is the first in their family to attend college;

b) English is the student’s second language;

c) The student has limited experience with the legal profession;

d) The student has been out of college for many years; and the student will face other cultural and social challenges in their transition into law school.

Those who apply and are accepted to the program are expected to participate fully. Applicants who are not selected are welcome to participate in all other aspects of the AEP.

AEP Student Success Fellows

All 1L doctrinal classes are supported by biweekly skills-building sessions led by Student Support Fellows. Student Success Fellows are upper division students who have demonstrated proficiency in a subject area, and are selected by the course professor to assist 1L students in obtaining the same proficiency. All 1L students may attend and participate in the sessions that correspond to their classes. The schedule for these sessions is updated each semester.

Student Success Fellows may also hold an additional session, immediately prior to the exam period, that focuses on outlining/study skills.

Find your sessions on the Student Success Fellows schedule

AEP Student Advising Support

All students (including upper division students) are welcome to meet with the AEP Director to discuss study strategies, exam preparation, resources, academic planning, internal and external supportive services, and more.

Contact Alexandra Cook, Director of Equity, Inclusion & Academic Resources by email. (current students only). 

AEP Additional Resources

The Academic Enhancement Program can assist in connecting students with both internal and external resources to support their learning, wellness, and goals. Explore these resources. 

History of the Academic Enhancement Program

The Academic Enhancement Program has been in existence at Lewis & Clark since the 1970’s. Knowing that the transition into what might be deemed the “culture of law” can be challenging, the Academic Enhancement Program was designed to help students successfully make the adjustment to law school. To do this, AEP offers a cultural approach to law school and the legal profession, offering both programming to prepare students before law school and programming to support them during classes.

Our commitment to a diverse and stimulating classroom was the impetus for the development of this program. In our admissions process, we have always looked beyond the numbers to find students whose life experiences, perspectives and perseverance in overcoming challenges suggest that they would make extraordinary contributions to the law school community. The Academic Enhancement Program was designed to enhance what each student brings to law school. While the program is open to all students, the AEP places a particular emphasis on supporting students who face social, cultural, historical, or other obstacles to reaching their highest potential and who may find that potential more fully realized through participation in the program.