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Developing smart and comprehensive legal and policy strategies to address climate change and support a swift and equitable transition to a sustainable, carbon-free energy grid.

Our policy recommendations and publications have charted the course for reform, and our Charged Debate blog explores current energy policy issues.

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GEI in the News!

GEI has been in the news this March.

GEI Team Spring 2024

GEI and Sierra Club File Amicus Briefs Arguing for Appealability of PUC Orders

GEI and Sierra Club join together to file two separate amicus briefs arguing that processes overseen by the Public Utility Commission end in final orders that are subject to appeal.

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GEI's February 2024 Newsletter

GEI Enters 2024 Ready to Work

Read about GEI’s work on HB 2021, wildfire liability, and post-California Restaurant Ass’n v. Berkeley pathways.

GEI Publishes Explanation of Public Utility Commission Order on HB 2021

Read a helpful explanation of the Public Utility Commission’s order concluding Oregon’s electricity decarbonization law does not require the retirement of renewable energy certificates.

Past Events

October 18, 2023

ENVX Symposium: panel discussion on the market challenges and opportunities of the transition to renewable energy

A panel discussion about the market challenges and opportunities of the transition to renewable energy will be held on Wednesday evening.

Panelists include:

  • Susan Bladholm is the founder and president of Frog Ferry, a nonprofit grassroots initiative to bring a world-class passenger ferry service to the Portland metro region.
  • Mica Miro is the engagement manager at Green Empowerment, working with in-country partner organizations to build clean water and renewable energy infrastructure with Indigenous and rural communities across the globe
  • Olivia Cowly (’23) LC alumna will share her senior thesis work, “ Is the future electric? What the renewable energy revolution means for the ocean’s seabeds.
  • Joe Wachunas from the New Buildings Institute

The panel will be moderated by Yuko Aoyama and Clarence Edwards will provide closing comments.

October 17, 2023

ENVX Symposium: Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations by Yuko Aoyama, an industrial economic geographer, and Clarence Edwards, a legislative advocate on climate change and US foreign policy.  The title of Dr. Aoyama’s talk is Variable Capitalisms: Understanding Fixity, Fluidity, and Hybridity. The title of Mr. Edwards’ talk is The Type of Capitalism You Practice Matters. The two presentations will be followed by a discussion lead by Jessica Kleiss, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, and audience Q&A.

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