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Outstanding Volunteer - Amanda Tufts

May 18, 2011

Amanda Tufts is a first year law student intern who served as one of NCVLI’s 2010-2011 Violence Against Women Project Law Student Interns.  Amanda brought an incredible level of skill to her work as a researcher and writer and focused these efforts in helping NCVLI build its expertise on the issue of child abuse imagery.  We are so grateful for the enormous number of hours she has donated to NCVLI despite a busy law student schedule!  We are sad to see Amanda’s internship end but excited for her to continue her legal work this summer with the Washington State justice system!

 Amanda had this to say about her time at NCVLI:

During the past year at NCVLI, I have had the opportunity to research and draft a white paper on the harm done to victims of child abuse images as a result of the viewing, possession, and distribution of those images. This work was invaluable in offering me insight into current victims’ rights issues and strengthening my ability to approach these issues in a meaningful and practical way. I learned how to apply what I was learning in the classroom to real world problems, and the attorneys I worked with provided me not only with excellent guidance, but also with an incredible example of the dedication and commitment it takes to make a difference in this area of law. My experience at NCVLI has shown me the passion I have for victims’ rights, and I hope to continue this work and help further the many important goals NCVLI seeks to achieve. 


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