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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Fighting to Protect a Child-Victim of Trafficking

March 14, 2012

A young girl, sold into sex trafficking years ago in a foreign country, has been brought to the United States to be a witness in the federal prosecution of men charged with engaging in illicit sexual conduct abroad. 

Fortunately, the prosecution is moving forward and the child (who is now approximately 12 years old, although her exact age is unknown because of her sale into slavery) has been placed with a family who provides her with tremendous support.  Unfortunately, the victim may not be receiving all of the legal rights, services, and court accommodations to which she is entitled. 

The advocates working with the victim and her “foster family” wanted to know how to best protect her - they contacted NCVLI for assistanc e. NCVLI, with the help of pro bono attorney Alix Wicks, conducted research on whether it would be best for the child to have a victims’ rights attorney or a guardian ad litem, and on how to secure such appointment to ensure that this child-victim is provided the advocacy that she needs.  


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