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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Webinar Training Series on Polyvictimization

January 06, 2013

Jane Doe, a woman in her mid-20s, is assaulted. Jane has also been victimized previously; when she was a child, she was sexually assaulted by an adult and has been in violent dating relationships on and off. If Jane discloses these prior victimizations when she accesses services she may receive more holistic services that address not only the most recent assault but also her prior victimizations, and these holistic services may prove more beneficial to her healing and recovery. Yet, with this disclosure, sadly Jane may also open herself to aggressive attacks on her character, credibility, and the legitimacy of her current victimization claim.  If she accesses the justice system, she may experience invasive subpoenas for her private records related not only to the present trauma but to prior traumas, and this may lead to destructive cross-examination.

Jane is a “polyvictim” – someone who has experienced multiple victimizations of different types throughout her lifetime.  Mounting evidence shows that polyvictimization occurs at alarming rates.  Fortunately, this data is leading to new efforts to identify and respond to polyvictims. NCVLI is responding to this emerging issue through the Protecting Polyvictims’ Rights Project, funded by the Office for Victims of Crime.

Join NCVLI for the Project’s Webinar Series, and learn how you can help prevent re-traumatization of polyvictims by ensuring that their rights are protected from the moment of intake through participation in the justice system. 

February 8th - Polyvictimization: What It Is & Why It Matters to Victims’ Rights
To access the recorded webinar, click here.

March 27th - Polyvictimization And Its Impact On Rights:  The Reality Victims Of Human Trafficking Face
To access the recorded webinar, click here.

July 2013 - Victims’ Right to Privacy:  Responding to Requests for Information Relating to Prior Victimizations
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