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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Washington DC Victim Legal Assistance Network

September 27, 2016

The Victim Legal Network of DC (VLNDC) works to leverage the specialized knowledge and unite the resources of the District’s legal community in order to ensure that crime victims are empowered and have all their legal needs addressed. DC’s unique demographics, small geographical region and lack of holistic victim services agencies made it a well-suited jurisdiction to serve as a legal network model for other cities and regions throughout the country that have high violent crime rates.

While DC has experienced a record low number of crimes for this jurisdiction, violent crime in DC is still staggeringly high. In 2015, 36,994 total crimes were reported, with 6,331 of these being violent ones. 2016 is on track to match these unacceptable numbers. Between calendar years 2013 – 2015, the District has had over 3,000 crimes each year classified as “assault with a deadly weapon.” These crime numbers classify the District as one of the deadliest cities in the United States, with a homicide rate in 2013 and 2014 that exceeded all but 10 other major cities.

As a result, in 2014, after a rigorous application process, the Office of Victim Services of DC (OVS), with the Network for Victim Recovery of DC (NVRDC) as their community-based technical assistance partner, was one of the few jurisdictions in the nation to be awarded funding to establish the VLNDC.

Since 2014, VLNDC, led by NVRDC as the lead legal services provider, has been working with the following core legal service organizations to plan the network structure and services: Amara Legal Center, Ayuda, Legal Aid Society of DC.

For more information contact:

Yasmin Alem, Grants Manager
DC Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants
Phone: (202) 727-6727


Jabeen Adawi, VLNDC Project Coordinator
Network for Victim Recovery of DC
Phone: (202) 742-1727


For Intake Information contact:

VLNDC Website:

VLNDC Intake Line: 202.629.1788

Alexandra Smith
VLNDC Attorney Navigator
202.742.1727 x113

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