May 22, 2019

NCVLI CLE is the first in Oregon to Include New Law (OR House Bill 3415) in Title IX Training

Survivors of campus sexual assault and harassment need to be able to access well-trained lawyers and advocates.  Yet as NCVLI Executive Director Meg Garvin noted, “Too often we found ourselves struggling to pair victims with lawyers well-trained on Title IX.”   The solution: train more attorneys in victim-centered strategies for making Title IX rights meaningful.  To create the change, NCVLI teamed up with TIX Education Specialists Principal & Founder Jackie Sandmeyer and attorney Erin Greenawald, who was Oregon’s first Domestic Violence Resource Prosecutor.  

The training occurred on Tuesday, May 21 as a day-long training to help attorneys confidently undertake representation in Title IX cases and provide trauma-informed legal services.  As part of the training the newest Title IX legislation was discussed.  In fact, right at the start of the event OR House Bill 3415 passed, presenting attending attorneys the opportunity to literally work through emerging law!  Attendees ranged from university staff to attorneys in separate areas of law who were interested in participating as referrals, and included law students as well.