February 18, 2020

Arizona RISE Clinic

Arizona RISE Clinic

Founded in 1996, Arizona Voice for Crime Victims (AVCV) was the first organization of its kind in the county, offering hope to crime victims in the form of no cost legal representation and social services solely for the purpose of asserting and enforcing their rights in state, federal and tribal courts. AVCV’s approach to delivering direct legal and social services to victims of crime in Arizona is holistic in nature. While AVCV represents all types of crime victims, under the RISE Project AVCV represents child-victims in the care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) to ensure they have an opportunity for meaningful participation throughout the criminal justice process.


Jurisdiction serving (geographic and courts):

Arizona state, city, tribal, federal courts.

Victim population serving:

Child-victims in DCS care

Project Partners:

Arizona Department of Child Safety


Intake Information:

Intake Gateway(s) & Process(es)

for a Victim:

Call 480-600-2661