November 06, 2023

New Pioneer Express App!

Guest Columnist: Joey Zayas

Hello Students!
My name is Joey Zayas and I am the new Transportation and Parking Manager at Lewis & Clark. I am absolutely thrilled to have joined the L&C family and look forward to serving you. I am a firm believer in partnership, collaboration, and holding a high standard of service. Beyond responsibilities regarding parking and enforcement, I envision this office to strive to be forward-thinking and collaborative with campus community members to create meaningful change in transportation and parking that focuses on sustainability, equity, and inclusion. My office is located in the Office of Campus Safety, and I am always open to answering questions. My staff and I can also be reached at
There are a few exciting updates that I would love to share with you. The Transportation and Parking office recently opened a survey to explore how community members commute to campus and the different methods they use. I am happy to announce we received an amazing turnout which far exceeded our hopes. Secondly, we are very excited to announce the Pioneer Express Shuttle now has an app! The app provides real-time location and arrival times and is now available on both iOS and Google Play stores.
Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve transportation and parking at Lewis & Clark.
Joey Zayas
Transportation & Parking Manager