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This year, Lewis & Clark Law School commemorates its Centennial Year by celebrating the past and creating a vision for the future.  Our future success as a nationally recognized law school is only possible because of gifts from alumni and friends like you, 

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 On Dec. 1, over 78 donors helped raise $22,640 in just 24 hours!

Thank you for coming together to support Lewis & Clark Law School.


We could not have done it without you!

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Three areas are impacted by your support:


Students in financial need receive scholarships and stipends only because of your gift.  Lewis & Clark Law School awards scholarship aid to a significant percentage of each year’s entering class. These awards are given annually to entering students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and promise. Scholarship gifts allow students to choose Lewis & Clark and for many, allow them to stay and graduate with a reduced financial burden.


Your gift will provide immediate support for faculty research.  Our faculty are involved locally and at the state and national level. Faculty engage in critical conversations happening in their academic fields, and their research fosters rich engagement with law students.

Annual Fund

Gifts to the Lewis & Clark Law School Annual Fund impact all operations at the school and provide us the flexibility to react to opportunities that arise throughout the year.  From supporting student achievement to attracting internationally recognized speakers to funding curriculum development and student organizations, your gift will elevate the success of the whole school.



Centennial Year Giving

Your gift to the Centennial Fund recognizes the accomplishments and innovation of the Law School over the last 100 years and will help guarantee exceptional programs and national acclaim into the next 100 years!

Lewis & Clark Law School has officially launched its 100 year Centennial Celebration, including a fundraising effort in support of three important areas of the school.  We encourage you to explore how the Centennial Fund is advancing the Law School today and ask for your support during this important year.  


Centennial Cornerstone Society - $100,000

Help lay the foundation for the next 100 years of excellence at Lewis & Clark Law School by making a generous pledge of $100,000 over four years to sponsor a “Centennial Scholar”.  Your selected scholar will be recognized in the media and with a name plaque over their campus office door. 

In recognition of your generous gift, a special Centennial Cornerstone plaque with the names of donors will be on permanent display at the Law School. 

For more information, please contact Joset Grenon, asst. dean of development & external relations


Michelle Chao, current student: 
“It would be impossible to continue my journey without your financial support of the law school. As the recipient of many scholarships that have helped to make ends meet, gifts from alumni have given me a path to a life that is more worth living than the one I had before. In trying to achieve my dreams, I am teaching my children that all dreams are possible even if we lose everything we have ever known, and that we can rebuild our lives to something better than we can imagine right now.  And, most importantly, I am teaching them that they, too, can dream and achieve their dreams.

Through our discomforts, my children know nothing good in life comes easily; it takes hard work, sacrifice, and support from people who care about us. Given a choice between a lifetime of being comfortable again without accomplishing my dreams, or this moment of discomfort on my journey, I choose this life. But, I would not be able to make that choice without your commitment to Lewis & Clark Law School.

This year the law school celebrates its Centennial. This is a year to reflect upon the achievements of Lewis & Clark during the last century while looking forward, like me, to a promising future.  Please consider renewing your gift in support of our students, in celebration of this important milestone for the law school. My children and I ask that you continue this journey with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the finish line! With profound thanks, we are forever grateful for your kindness.”


“Reasons Why I Give” - We want to hear from you!

Please take a moment to share why you give back to the Law School. Has the school’s programs and support assisted you in your education and career? If so, tell us!  Email to

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Law Giving

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