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About the Law School

Lewis & Clark Law School is considered a top law school in the greater Northwest region of the United States, and specifically in the Pacific Northwest. Affiliated with Lewis & Clark College, the law school is located on a separate campus, adjacent to the college and to the beautiful Tryon Creek State Park.


Our Mission

We strive to maintain and enhance a rich intellectual environment that contributes to legal knowledge through teaching, scholarship, and public service; that fosters innovation and new ideas; and that educates, supports, and challenges our students in developing the knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and professional values that they need to excel in a diverse and dynamic world.

We support all members of our community as they engage the legal world through advocacy, counseling, scholarship, and public service. Read about our core values.


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Our Programs

We offer top specialty programs in several areas with the JD degree, through both part-time and full-time course loads. Certificates are available in the following areas:

We also offer graduate and joint degree programs: