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About the Law School

Lewis & Clark Law School is a top law school in the greater Northwest region of the United States, and the only law school in Portland, Oregon. Affiliated with Lewis & Clark College, the law school is located on a separate campus, adjacent to the college and to the beautiful Tryon Creek State Park.


Our Mission

We create a supportive and rigorous intellectual environment in which our students develop the legal knowledge, critical thinking, practical skills, and values that empower them to excel as ethical and engaged professionals in a diverse and dynamic world. 

Our Values

  • Student Centered
  • Collegial and Supportive
  • Diverse and Inclusive
  • Intellectually Rigorous
  • Civic Minded
  • Faculty Governed

Our Board of Visitors

Dean’s Newsletter

Community Letters and Resources re: the Killing of George Floyd

Letter from the Dean
Letter from the SBA
Message from the Office of Equity and Inclusion
On-going List of Resources


Our Programs

We offer top specialty programs in several areas with the JD degree, through both part-time and full-time course loads. Certificates are available in the following areas:

We also offer graduate and joint degree programs:

About the Law School

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