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ABA Required Disclosures

  • Lewis & Clark Law School is approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association, 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654, 312-988-6738.

The American Bar Association (ABA) is the primary accrediting body for U. S. law schools. Standard 509 of the ABA requires law schools to make certain information publicly available to prospective and current students. Much of the information can be found in Lewis & Clark Law School’s most recent ABA Standard 509 Information Report. Below is a list of links to the required information or the various places on our website where the information can be found. 

Admissions Data

Enrollment Data, Attrition/Graduation Rates, and Transfer Student Information

Curricular Offerings, Academic Calendar, and Academic Requirements

Tuition, Fees, Living Costs, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Conditional Scholarship Retention Data, and Refunds

Employment Outcomes and Bar Passage Data

(Most recent available data for Class of 2019. Data for Class of 2020 will be posted in the spring)

2019 Oregon Bar Exam - First Time Bar Passage 

  Lewis & Clark Law School    Pass Rate for all FIrst Time Takers in Oregon
               84% 84%

Lewis & Clark Law School  -  Ultimate Bar Passage

Number of LC Graduates in 2017 Who Took a Bar Exam Within Two Years of the Date of their Graduation Percentage That Passed the Bar
168 90.48%

For further detail about bar passage, see our 2020 Ultimate Bar Passage ABA Report.

Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty, Professional Librarians, and Administrators

Polices for Transfer Credit

Policy Regarding Student Concerns About Non-Compliance with ABA Standards