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Business Law

imageFrom start-up to merger, idea to initial public offering, acquisition to sale, legal issues punctuate the life of a business. A business simply cannot function without the direction and confidence supplied by the laws that regulate business and commerce. Lewis & Clark recognizes the importance of this field of study and provides an innovative and comprehensive program in business and commercial law.

The Study of Business Law

Our program allows students to focus on individual interests, as well as explore a full array of topics. The rich and varied curriculum includes not only traditional subject areas, such as business associations, income tax, and commercial law, but also newer ones, such as cyberlaw and telecommunications law, that challenge us to adapt legal rules to fast-changing technologies.

We offer a wide array of electives which encourage students to mix practice and theory. Importantly, our offerings also include a full selection of practical skills opportunities and transactional courses that simulate the types of transactions business lawyers encounter in their practices.

Certificate Programs

We offer certificates in general business law, intellectual property law, and federal tax law. Certificates are intended to recognize students for their achievements and to inform prospective employers that these students have completed a rigorous course of study in the subject area.

Community Development
and Entrepreneurship Center

The Business Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School offers students a wide range of practical skills opportunities beyond the classroom.

Business Law News

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    Anticipated Graduation Year: 2016
    Hometown: Rochester, New York
    Previous Work Experience: Entrepreneur, Consultant, Wind Farmer, Salesman, Teacher, Administrator, Baker, Waiter, and Coach.
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    Anticipated Graduation Year:2014
    Hometown: Seoul, Republic of Korea
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    Robert Bart, Anticipated Graduation 2014
    Undergraduate & Previous Work Experience: International Affairs, Masters in Teaching; prior to law school I taught high school in Hood River for 4 years.
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    Courtney Peck
    Anticipated Graduation Year: May 2014
    Hometown: Nixa, Missouri
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    On February 5th the SBLC held their Seventh Annual Open House.  The event was a wonderful opportunity to bring together all of the people who make the SBLC possible, and celebrate the successes of 2013.

Business Law Events

September 27th, 2014

October 3rd, 2014

Business Law

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