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Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Master of Studies in Environmental & Natural Resources Law

Lewis & Clark law school’s highly ranked Environmental & Natural Resources Law program now offers a Master of Studies in New students at back to school party at faculty's homeNew students at back to school party at faculty's homeEnvironmental and Natural Resources Law for non-lawyers. This graduate degree is for those who have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in learning about environmental law, but who do not wish to practice law or obtain a law degree. Potential students include federal agency employees, teachers, elected officials, journalists, and people pursuing careers in lobbying or non-profit organizations, as well as business people who want a better understanding of environmental regulations.

Lewis & Clark’s Master’s program requires completion of 26 semester hours of credit. The program can be completed in two semesters or spread over three years. Absent unusual circumstances, we require students to begin in mid-August in order to attend a 2-credit Introduction to Environmental Legal Studies course designed to help prepare students for study in a law school environment. In addition to this introductory course, the program requires students to take Administrative Law and Environmental Law. MSL students can choose from a wide variety of environmental law courses for the remainder of the credits. Click here for a sample schedule. Applications are now being accepted.

Recent graduates are enthusiastic about the program:

“As a reporter, I’ve spent countless hours wading through court documents and trying to make imagesense of legal tangles in the energy and environmental policy world. Lewis & Clark Law School’s Master’s program is giving me indispensable knowledge that will help me understand and analyze these issues for future reporting.” Ellen Gilmer, Environmental Journalist
“The new MSL program at Lewis and Clark Law School has given me a imagechance to be exposed to a talented and passionate group of lecturers leading an inspired and hungry student body. The benefits of enlightening classroom discussions coupled with the exposure to a multitude of practical, out of the class learning experiences leave me with no doubt that Lewis and Clark remains the Gold standard for an unparalleled legal education.” Laura Stewart, International student from Swaziland


We look forward to hearing from interested applicants for fall 2015.  For more information please contact Lucy Brehm, Assistant Director of Environmental Law at Applications are now available.

Environmental and Natural Resources Law

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