Global Environment

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21st Century environmental challenges require international action and cooperation.

Advocates working on global environmental issues develop and implement legal agreements and treaties among countries to protect and manage shared resources or to address global issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean resources, and ozone depletion. Advocates also develop and support the domestic environmental laws of various countries.  


Alumni on the Front Lines

  •    Tanya S. Profile

    International Legal Director, Senior Attorney Center for Biological Diversity

    Fighting the extinction crisis internationally, I focus on the exploitation driver of extinctions especially given the significance of the U.S. market. My Lewis and Clark education set me up well to advocate for foreign species using both domestic and international legal tools.

  •    Bubba Cook Profile

    Western and Central Pacific Tuna Programme Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature, New Zealand

    I feel a responsibility to advocate across various international forums on behalf of our ocean and its inhabitants to ensure a sustainable future for humanity.

  • Carl Bruch Profile Photo

    Director of International Programs at the Environmental Law Institute (ELI)
    Founding President of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association (EnPAx)

    I work at the intersection of environment, conflict, and peace. I love helping countries such as Liberia and Colombia to rebuild their economies, livelihoods, and the social fabric after conflict. It is challenging to find solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. The work is always interesting, sometimes frustrating, and when we do a good job incredibly impactful and fulfilling.

Doing the Work

Gain practical experience in global environmental issues through our on-campus clinics and institutes:

Earthrise Law Center Global Law Alliance Green Energy Institute