Schedule of Online Classes

Note that students can do an independent study (original research paper) for 2 or 3 credits on an environmental topic of their choice in any semester (fall, spring, or summer). 

Online students are always welcome to take courses at any time in person at Lewis & Clark.

Course selections may change; contact us directly for the most up to date information on course scheduling.

Go here to see course descriptions for the courses: Information and Courses.

Fall 2024:

Introduction to US Environmental Law and Legal Studies (2 credits)

Environmental Law (3 credits)

Emerging Topics Fall (1 credit)

Natural Resources Law and Science (3 credits) 

Wildlife Law (3 credits)

Spring 2025:

Emerging Topics Spring (1 credit)

Hazardous Waste Law (3 credits)

Legal Research: Environmental Law (2 credits)

Ocean & Coastal (3 credits)

Water Law (3 credits)

*Additional classes may be added to the spring semester closer to the start of the semester.