Schedule of Online Classes

Note that students can do an independent study (original research paper) for 2 or 3 credits on an environmental topic of their choice in any semester (fall, spring, or summer). 

Online students are always welcome to take courses at any time in person at Lewis & Clark.

Course selections may change; contact us directly for the most up to date information on course scheduling.

Go here to see course descriptions for the courses: Information and Courses.

Fall 2022:

Introduction to US Environmental Law and Legal Studies (2 credits)

Emerging Topics Fall (1 credit)

Administrative Law (3 credits) required for US students unless taken as a JD and for US MSL students; recommended for international students

Natural Resources Law and Science (3 credits)

Energy Law: Electricity Regulation (3 credits)

Spring 2023:

Water Law (3 credits)

Environmental Justice (3 credits)

Emerging Topics Spring (1 credit)

Hazardous Waste (3 credits)

Ocean & Coastal (3 credits)

Legal Research: Environmental Law (2 credits)