Quick Facts About the LLM

Our students often tell us that the LLM in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program at Lewis & Clark is a challenging, exhilarating, life-changing experience. Courses taught by some of the nation’s leading scholars, a faculty open-door policy, warmly supportive staff, an energized and engaged student body, and a beautiful setting in one of America’s most culturally sophisticated and environmentally progressive cities combine to make Lewis & Clark’s LLM program a uniquely rewarding adventure.

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Area of Specialization: Lewis & Clark offers education in all aspects of environmental, natural resources, and energy law, including the laws of the U.S., international law, and related areas such as environmental justice, climate change and wildlife law. Since Lewis & Clark’s LLM is entirely dedicated to excellent instruction in the area of environmental law, it is not suitable for those seeking a more general education in U.S. law.

Number of LLM Students: We keep this program deliberately small, between 12 and 20 students in any given year, so that LLM students have the opportunity to work closely with our environmental faculty and staff.

Time requirements: The LLM program requires students from the U.S. to complete 26 semester hours of credit. U.S. students attending full-time (on campus) can generally complete the LLM program in one academic year (two semesters), but those going part-time may take up to two and a half years to finish all requirements.

International students complete at least 28 credit hours. International LLM students are evaluated on a “Credit”, “No Credit”, or “Honors” basis only. Those without previous background in the common law are required to take the additional two-credit Introduction to U.S. Environmental Law and Legal Study seminar. Although it is possible for on campus international students to complete the program in the fall and spring semesters, we strongly recommend that international students budget for three academic semesters (fall, spring and summer or fall, spring and fall) due to the intensity of study required. U.S. student visa requirements impose a time limit of 18 months for international students to complete the degree in the absence of extraordinary circumstances. Visa requirements and length of study in the U.S. should be discussed well in advance with our International Students and Scholars Office. To ensure compliance with Homeland Security regulations, international students must remain in contact with the International Students and Scholars office throughout their stay in the U.S.

Course requirements: All students must take a two-credit “Emerging Topics” seminar (offered online for one credit in each of two semesters).  

Students from the U.S. are required to take Administrative Law and a survey Environmental Law class if they have not already taken these in their JD or LL.B. programs. International students from non-common-law countries are required to take the Introduction to U.S. Environmental Law and Legal Study seminar, and a survey Environmental Law class; we recommend Administrative Law, but do not require it, for international students.

For the remaining credits required for the degree, on campus students may choose from Lewis & Clark’s vast array of curriculum choices, including up to 8 credits of non-environmental classes. Check with the LLM program director and What’s What for details. 

Fall and spring entrance: U.S. students can apply to begin their LLM studies in the fall semester, which begins in late August, or in the spring semester, which begins in mid-January. They may also opt to begin their program with our Environmental Summer School that runs from late May through July.

Tuition, fees and living expenses: Please visit our Law School Admissions Office web-page for the most current information about tuition, fees and living expenses. The living expenses provided there are averages. Your cost would be more if you buy a car and drive to school, and if you rent your own condo or apartment instead of sharing a multi-bedroom unit with others. For an idea of how much a wide range of housing might cost in the Portland area, check out Craigslist.com and look for listings in the areas of Lewis & Clark, OHSU, PCC-Sylvania, HIllsdale, downtown Lake Oswego, and Mountain Park.

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