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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

The faculty members who teach in our environmental law program are distinctive in four ways:

First, while they include leading scholars in environmental, natural resources, and energy law, most do not limit themselves to these fields, but bring interest and involvement in related fields of law to their teaching as well.

Second, they seek to integrate issues of pollution control and resource allocation in their teaching.

Third, they bring to this task perspectives shaped by their wide experience.

Finally, they are all approachable human beings who have lives and interests beyond the law that they are happy to share with students.

For more information about Lewis & Clark Law School faculty, please visit our faculty directory.

In addition to full-time faculty and staff, the law school draws between ten and twenty adjunct faculty members per year from the region’s leading practitioners in environmental, natural resources, and energy law. The seminars they teach reflect their special expertise and practical experience.