Chris Wold

Professor of Law

Wood Hall 118
Legal Assistant:


Chris Wold came to Lewis & Clark Law School in 1994 to add an international environmental component to the school’s environmental law program. Chris founded the law school’s International Environmental Law Project, which provides students with practical experience in international environmental law. He now focuses on teaching international and international environmental law courses.

In addition, he has been the legal advisor to the Convention on Migratory Species at the convention’s 2014, 2017, and 2010 meetings. He has represented Luxembourg and the United Kingdom at meetings of the International Whaling Commission. He has also worked with the Ministries of Environment in Bulgaria and Ukraine to review their environmental laws for consistency with their international obligations. In Mauritius, he developed legislation to protect environmentally sensitive areas.

He was appointed to the National Advisory Committee to provide the Environmental Protection Agency with advice on environmental cooperation among the three North American governments. He continues to provide legal and technical advice to governments, nongovernmental organizations, and international institutions on issues concerning the World Trade Organization, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, the Convention on Migratory Species, and the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, among other treaties and international institutions. He is the author of numerous articles exploring the relationship of trade and environmental law, climate change, fisheries management, and other issues.

He won the Bernard F. O’Rourke Award in 1990 for outstanding student writing on a natural resources topic. Before coming to the law school, he was a staff attorney with the Center for International Environmental Law and the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide-U.S. (E-LAW). He also taught at American University’s Washington College of Law, Washington, D.C., as an adjunct professor. When not in his office, he is birdwatching, cycling, or hiking.

Specialty Areas and Course Descriptions

Academic Credentials

  • BA cum laude 1986 St. Olaf College
  • JD 1990 Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College


Separately Published Works

  • Trade and the Environment, Carolina Academic Press (2nd Edition) (2011) (co-authored with Sanford Gaines and Greg Block).
  • Climate Change and the Law, Lexis/Nexis Publishing (2009) (co-authored with David Hunter and Melissa Powers).
  • Climate Change and the Law, Teacher’s Manual, Lexis/Nexis Publishing (2009) (co-authored with David Hunter and Melissa Powers).
  • Trade and the Environment, Carolina Academic Press (2005) (co-authored with Sanford Gaines and Greg Block).
  • Princ’pios de Direito Ambiental: Na Dimensão International e Comparada (2003) (co-authored with Sampaio & Nardy).
  • The Biodiversity Convention and Existing International Agreements: Opportunities for Synergy (Humane Society of the United States, June 1995).
  • CITES and the Precautionary Principle: The Burden to Show That a Use Is Sustainable (Humane Society of the United States, Nov. 1994).

Works Published As Part of a Collection