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Faculty A-Z Directory

The full-time faculty were educated at the nation’s most distinguished law schools. Many have earned national or regional recognition as experts in their fields. At least 17 have been state supreme court or federal court clerks. Also included in their numbers are government servants; political activists; contributors to state, regional, and national law reform in several arenas; and founders or directors of regional or national organizations. All share a firm commitment to excellent classroom teaching. Below, you can find an index of biographies and bibliographies of our full-time faculty.

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Paula Abrams

Emerita Professor of Law

Lisa Benjamin

Assistant Professor of Law

Brian Blum

Jeffrey Bain Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law

John A. Bogdanski

Douglas K. Newell Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law

Thomas Buchele

Clinical Professor of Law and Managing Attorney, Co-Director, Earthrise Law Center

Bill Chin

Professor of Lawyering

Robert Doeckel

Visiting Assistant Professor of Lawyering

Susan Felstiner

Clinical Professor of Law

Pamela Frasch

Professor of Law and the Brooks McCormick Jr. Scholar of Animal Law and Policy

William Funk

Lewis & Clark Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus

Tomás Gómez-Arostegui

Kay Kitagawa & Andy Johnson-Laird IP Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law

Pamela Hart

Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Center for Animal Law Studies

James Huffman

Emeritus Dean and Professor of Law

Jennifer Johnson

Dean and Erskine Wood Sr. Professor of Law

Jeffrey Jones

Associate Professor of Law and Philosophy

Aliza Kaplan

Professor of Lawyering and Director, Criminal Justice Reform Clinic

Hadley Van Vactor Kroll

Assistant Professor of Lawyering

Allison LaPlante

Co-Director, Earthrise Law Center

Sarah Lora

Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

Erica Lyman

Clinical Professor of Law, Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment

Susan Mandiberg

Lewis & Clark Distinguished Professor of Law

Judith Miller

Visiting Professor of Lawyering

Jim Oleske

Professor of Law

John Parry

Edward Brunet Professor of Law and Associate Dean of Faculty

Melissa Powers

Jeffrey Bain Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law; Director, Green Energy Institute

Daniel Rohlf

Professor of Law and Of Counsel, Earthrise Law Center

James N. Saul

Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Staff Attorney, Earthrise Law Center

Janet Steverson

Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence

Elaine Sutherland

Distinguished Professor Emerita of Law

Janice Weis

Associate Dean and Director, Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Law Program

Tung Yin (溵其彤)

Professor of Law

Doug Beloof

Emeritus Professor of Law

Toni Berres-Paul

Emerita Professor of Lawyering

Michael Blumm

Jeffrey Bain Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law

Humberto Briceno

Visiting International Scholar

Amy Bushaw

Professor of Law

Libby Davis

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Henry Drummonds

Professor of Law

George K. Foster

Professor of Law

Nicholas Fromherz

Senior Staff Attorney and Adjunct Professor

Meg Garvin

Executive Director, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Clinical Professor of Law, Crime Victim Litigation Clinic

John Grant

Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus

Kathy Hessler

Clinical Professor of Law and Animal Law Clinic Director

Steve Johansen

Professor of Law and Director, Lawyering Program

Craig Johnston

Professor of Law

Stephen Kanter

Emeritus Dean and Professor of Law

Robert Klonoff

Jordan D. Schnitzer Professor of Law

Ronald Lansing

Emeritus Professor of Law

Donald Large

Emeritus Professor of Law

Lydia Loren

Henry J. Casey Professor of Law

Kathleen Maloney

Visiting Professor of Law

Russ Mead

The Shared Earth Foundation Visiting Professor

Douglas Newell

Edmund O. Belsheim Professor of Law

Samir Parikh

Professor of Law
Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg Law Bankruptcy Treatise

Sandy Patrick

Professor of Lawyering

Rajesh K. Reddy

Global Animal Law and Animal Law Advanced Degree Program Director

Barbara Safriet

Visiting Professor of Law

David Schraub

Assistant Professor of Law

Juliet Stumpf

Robert E. Jones Professor of Advocacy and Ethics

Joyce Tischler

Professor of Practice

Chris Wold

Professor of Law and Counsel, International Environmental Law Project