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Susan Mandiberg

Lewis & Clark Distinguished Professor of Law

Legal Research Center

Susan Mandiberg has conducted anthropological fieldwork in rural Ecuador. Before joining the law school faculty, she was a trial and appellate attorney with the public defenders’ offices for Multnomah County and the federal courts and an associate with a Portland law firm. Mandiberg is co-author of a treatise on the subject of environmental crimes and has written a number of articles on the same topic. Mandiberg has taught law in Spanish both as a Fulbright professor of law in Venezuela and as a guest lecturer at law schools in Spain, Mexico, and Colombia. She has also lectured at national law schools in India. She is a member of the Oregon State Bar.

Mandiberg’s publications have focused on environmental crimes and have also included articles pertaining to criminal law and procedure generally.

Mandiberg is a long-term member of the Board of Trustees of Metropolitan Public Defender and is a Board member of the Friends of Chamber Music.

Specialty Areas & Course Descriptions

Academic Credentials

  • BA cum laude with departmental honors 1968 Oberlin College
  • MA 1970 University of Illinois
  • JD 1975 University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall)


Separately Published Works

  • CRIMES AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT (Michie 1997, supplemented annually to 2007) (co-authored by Susan L. Smith).

Works Published As Part of a Collection (selected)

  • Mental State, in Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Law 189 (Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, LeRoy C. Paddock, David L. Markell, and Nicholas S. Bryner, eds. (2017).
  • Alcohol- and Drug-free Housing: A Key Strategy in Breaking the Cycle of Addiction and Recidivism, 46, McGeorge L. Rev. 839 (2014)
  • Strict Liability, in Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Wiley Online Library, Jay S. Albanese, ed. 2013).
  • Would Serious Criminal Sanctions Apply if Bhopal Occurred in the United States?, 2 Indian Yearbook of International Law and Policy 11 (2010-11) (co-authored with Marcel Gesmundo)
  • A Graduated Punishment Approach to Environmental Crimes: Beyond Vindication of Administrative Authority in the United States and Europe, 34 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 447 (2009) (co-authored with Michael G. Faure).
  • Locating the Environmental Harm in Environmental Crimes, 2009 Utah Law Review 1177 (2009).
  • What Does an Environmental Criminal Know, 23 Natural Resources & Environment 24 (2009).
  • Why Sentencing by a Judge Satisfies the Right to Jury Trial: A Comparative Look at Blakely and Booker, 40 McGeorge Law Review 107 (2009).
  • Criminal Enforcement, in Environmental Law Practice Guide ch. 12C. (Michael Gerrard, ed. 2004).
  • Fault Lines in the Clean Water Act: Criminal Enforcement, Continuing Violations, and Mental State, 33 Envt’l. L. 173 (2003).
  • Moral Issues in Environmental Crimes, 7 Fordham Envt’l. L.J. 881 (1996).
  • The Dilemma of Mental State in Federal Regulatory Crimes: The Environmental Example, 25 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 1165 (1995).
  • Lo Formal y lo Procesal en la Vida Constitucional: Unas Observaciones, POLITEMAS: LA REVISTA DE LOS PROCESOS POLITICOS 26 (Ano 3 No. 8, 1989, Caracas).
  • Protecting Society and Defendants Too: The Constitutional Dilemma of Mental Abnormality and Intoxication Defenses, 53 FORDHAM LAW REVIEW 221 (1984).
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Susan Mandiberg’s office is located in room 323 of Legal Research Center.


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Susan Mandiberg Lewis & Clark Distinguished Professor of Law

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