Amy Bushaw

Professor of Law

Legal Research Center 341
Legal Assistant:




Professor Bushaw specializes in Contracts and Commercial Law, andpursues a broad range of research interests. She examines non-economicinterests in business law, and in recent years has been exploring therelationships among economic prosperity, social development andenvironmental protection, with a particular emphasis on the role ofsmall business. With her colleague Professor Dan Rohlf, she developedone of the first courses in the law school context to examinesustainability in law and business. She has published articles relatingto economic and social development in the United States and abroad. Herspecific international focus is central and eastern Europe, and sheconducts research, teaches classes and lectures throughout the region.Bushaw also examines theories of legal education and practice, focusingon law student and lawyer well-being and on the transactional practiceof law. She has co-authored a Contracts text with Professor Brian Blum,now in its fourth edition, and a book on strategies and techniques forteaching Contracts. She is a dedicated teacher and three graduatingclasses have voted her the Leo Levenson award for excellence in teaching.

Prior to joining the faculty, Professor Bushaw was a partner with thelaw firm of Hughes & Luce, LLP in Texas (now merged with K&L Gates LLP).Among other clients, she represented financial institutions in a broadrange of domestic and international transactions. Some of thetransactions were corporate acquisitions; others established commerciallending facilities; yet others involved real estate. As a student atYale she served as a research assistant for the Lawyers’ Committee forHuman Rights, and pursued research on martial law in Poland. She alsoworked on the Yale Journal of International Law.

Specialty Areas and Course Descriptions

Academic Credentials

  • AB with honors 1981 Princeton University
  • JD 1984 Yale Law School
  • Associate editor, Yale Journal of International Law
  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa


Separately Published Works

  • Strategies and Techniques for Teaching Contracts (Howard Katz, ed.), Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (2012).
  • Contracts: Cases, Discussion and Problems, Co-Authored with Brian Blum (Aspen Law & Business, 2003, Second Edition, 2008, Third Edition 2012; Fourth Edition 2017).

Works Published As Part of a Collection

  • Growth of the Sustainability-Inspired Business (forthcoming)
  • Legal Measures to Promote Small and Medium Enterprises in the United States (forthcoming), Renmen University, China)
  • Introduction to the Eighth Annual Lewis & Clark Business Law Forum: The Role of Law in Small Business Transactions, 7 THE JOURNAL OF SMALL AND EMERGING BUSINESS LAW 229 (Summer 2003)
  • Some Comparative Aspects of Contract Law in Civil and Common Law Systems, co-authored with Kalvis Torgans, Professor, University of Latvia Faculty of Law, 12 INTERNATIONAL LEGAL PERSPECTIVES 37 (Fall 2001/Spring 2002) [Also published as part of the Proceedings of the International Conference on Problems of Transformation of Law in Connection with European Integration, Riga, Latvia, 2002]
  • Small Business, Local Culture and Global Society: Some Examples from the United States, in GLOBALIZATION AND CULTURAL DIFFERENCES, Proceedings of the Fourth Fulbright Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, May 19-21, 2000, at 81, republished in 5 THE JOURNAL OF SMALL AND EMERGING BUSINESS LAW 223 (Summer 2001)
  • Small Business Loan Pools: Testing the Waters, 1 THE JOURNAL OF SMALL AND EMERGING BUSINESS LAW 197 (Summer 1998)
  • The Benefits of Worker Participation in Firm Governance: The Polish Experience, 3 PARKER SCHOOL JOURNAL OF EAST EUROPEAN LAW 371 (1996).