Endowed Professorships

Endowed deanship, chairs, professorships and faculty scholars honor the exemplary faculty who innovate, transform, and inspire students and colleagues both in and outside of the classroom. They are established by donors who want to give the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an academic at the Lewis & Clark Law School.

Photo of professorship plaques

Endowed Deanship, Chairs, Professorships and Faculty Scholars

The Jordan D. Schnitzer Deanship

The Jordan D. Schnitzer Deanship was established in 2023 and is named for alumnus Jordan Schnitzer ’76, whose many professional and philanthropic accomplishments have brought honor and distinction to Lewis & Clark Law School. This deanship honors the dean of the law school, recognizing the dedication, commitment and leadership required of the dean.

The Jeffrey Bain Endowed Faculty Scholars

The Jeffrey Bain Endowed Faculty Scholar positions were created by the Law School in memory of Jeffrey Brain, who attended the Law School and graduated in 1985. The three faculty positions recognize exemplary teaching and scholarship. The endowment was created after receipt of a generous estate gift by Jeffrey’s father, Donald Bain.

The Edmund O. Belsheim Chair

Law School alumni and friends generously established the Edmund O. Belsheim Chair in 1994 to honor their beloved professor and mentor. While teaching at the Law School from 1972 to 1993, Belsheim earned the Leo Levenson Award for best teacher four times and held the Henry J. Casey Professorship in law. The Chair is awarded to a faculty member who reflects Edmund Belsheim’s dedication to the very best in legal teaching.

The Edward Brunet Professorship

Known for both his passion for teaching and his national scholarship in arbitration and pre-trial procedure, Ed Brunet has made immeasurable contributions to Lewis & Clark Law School. In honor of his 40th anniversary with the law school, Ed’s colleagues, friends, and former students established the Edward Brunet Professorship. This Professorship recognizes and honors scholars who exemplify Ed’s commitment to student engagement, continued mentorship, and academic research.

The Henry J. Casey Chair

In 1985, Henry J. Casey and his sister, Marguerite Casey, gave generously to create a Chair that would honor the memories of their brothers, James and George Casey. A legacy to Henry Casey’s commitment to the highest ethical business standards, the Chair is intended for a faculty member who brings expertise to the study of law, business, and integrity.

Jennifer Johnson Business Law Professorship

The Jennifer Johnson Business Law Professorship was established by alumni and friends of the law school in recognition of, and deep gratitude for, Dean Jennifer Johnson’s ten years of exemplary leadership to Lewis & Clark Law School, and its faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The professorship recognizes a dedication to the study and teaching of business law, and the understanding of the importance of law in any thriving business venture.

Learn more about the Jennifer Johnson Business Law Professorship here.

The Robert E. Jones Professorship of Advocacy and Ethics

This Professorship honors the man known as “Robert the Righteous,” and celebrates a career of public service and teaching exemplified by superior legal knowledge and wisdom, the courage to act with humanity, and the joy to live a full life with the admiration of family, community, and peers. Scholars who hold this Professorship are leaders in advocacy and ethics who will educate future litigators in the spirit of justice exemplified by Judge Robert E. Jones.

The Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson-Laird Faculty Scholar

The Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson-Laird Faculty Scholar position was established with a generous gift from Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson Laird. This position recognized and demonstrated a commitment to legal scholarship and excellence in teaching in the area of intellectual property.

The Brooks McCormick Jr. Scholar of Animal Law and Policy

The Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy is dedicated to producing and disseminating outstanding, independent, academic, and public policy research and programming; and pursuing projects and initiatives focused on advancing law and policy pertaining to animals. This professorship honors the legacy of the late Brooks McCormick Jr., whose deep bond with animals fueled his belief in their sentience, emotional cognizance, and intellectual capability.

The Douglas K. Newell Faculty Scholar

The Douglas K. Newell Faculty Scholar was established with a generous gift from Mark Tratos ’79 and his wife, Sandra, to recognize professors who have distinguished themselves through excellence in teaching and research.

The Erskine Wood Sr. Chair

In 2001, Louise Wood generously created the Erskine Wood Sr. Chair to honor her late husband. Erskine Wood Sr. enjoyed a distinguished career in admiralty law, winning cases into his 90s. The Chair is intended for a faculty member who continues Erskine Wood Sr.’s commitment to the established traditions of the American legal and constitutional systems.