Environmental Law LLM & MSL Webinars

Learn more about our Online LLM and MSL programs in Environmental Law by viewing the archives of our informational webinars. You’ll hear insight from program graduates and professors, as well as learn about enrollment requirements and application process from our admissions specialists.

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Application Process

Get an in-depth explanation of the Online LLM and MSL programs, enrollment requirements, and the application process. 

Return on Investment

Learn about hiring trends in environmental law, benefits of our Online LLM and MSL programs, and the successes of our graduates.

The Online Classroom

Discover more about the Online LLM and MSL programs and get an inside look at the online classroom with Professor Chris Wold.

Faculty and Curriculum

Be introduced to our world class faculty and learn about the Online LLM and MSL programs and course offerings, as well as enrollment requirements. Additionally, hear from Professor Nick Fromherz as he explains the online classroom experience.

Current Students and Recent Graduates

Hear from current students or recent graduate as they share their experiences and any tips and tricks to help you on your journey..