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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

J.D. Degree in Environmental Law

At Lewis & Clark, law students studying for the JD degree can take a few environmental law classes or they can emphasize environmental, natural resources, and energy law by earning a special certificate presented at graduation along with the degree.

To receive the Certificate in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law, students take Administrative Law and Environmental Law and 8 additional credits of their choice from the environmental law curriculum, and write two substantial papers on environmental, natural resources, or energy law topics. The minimum G.P.A. for the certificate is 2.70 in the certificate courses. The certificate requirements are designed to recognize students who concentrate on environmental, natural resources, or energy law, but are also intended to leave plenty of room to take other important core classes. At Lewis & Clark, we firmly believe that you must first learn to be a good lawyer before you can become an effective environmental lawyer.

Prof. Rohlf leading field trip to Bonneville Dam in Columbia GorgeProf. Rohlf leading field trip to Bonneville Dam in Columbia GorgeStudents who earn the certificate find it highlights them in the job market as graduates with special skills and knowledge. As discussed in Careers and Alumni, our graduates have a variety of national and international employment choices in the environmental field.

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