Emerging Topics in Environmental Law

This class is required for LLM students in the environmental, natural resources, and energy law program and is open to interested MSL students. It is not open to JD students.

The class will examine breaking developments and important contemporaneous issues and themes in environmental, natural resources, and energy law. The course will primarily consist of online lectures, discussions, and events, but will occasionally include in-person meetings or outings for students enrolled in the on-campus program at Lewis and Clark (with associated materials and activities for online students). Online classes/discussions may include topics such as a significant new regulatory change made by a federal agency, or the role of the environment in electoral politics. Students enrolled on-campus at Lewis will have the opportunity to participate in events such as a lunch and discussion with the school’s annual Distinguished Environmental Visitor (which will be available online to remote students). The class does not have a formal paper requirement, though students will produce material in writing such as responses to discussion questions and blog posts.