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Final Exams

IMPORTANT: All Spring 2020 Exams will be conducted remotely

Updated: April 2 at 3:20pm

All Spring 2020 exams will only be available remotely. There will not be a print copy of the exam available and all exam questions will be embedded in Examplify.

As always, you are bound by the school’s Honor Code. Although you will not be monitored while taking a remote exam, you are expected to follow the Honor Code and any restrictions your professor may have on materials allowed to be used while taking an exam.

Students may not take exams on campus. You should plan to take exams at home.

All 1L exams will be scheduled, including previously unscheduled exams in Newell’s Contracts II and Varol’s Constitutional Law I. Blum’s evening Ethics class, which is a mix of 1Ls and 2Ls, will remain as unscheduled.

Previously scheduled upper division exams will continue to be scheduled.

More detailed instructions will be sent about how to take scheduled and unscheduled exams.


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