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Green Energy Institute


Dawn is breaking for renewable energy in America. Wind was the fastest growing source of energy in 2012, and the solar industry now employs more workers than coal mines or oil and gas pipelines. And this progress should be just the beginning. The United States has ample resources to generate all its power renewably. However, today’s policies do not bring renewable power online quickly enough to meaningfully mitigate climate change. The problem is the rules, not the tools.

The Green Energy Institute works to develop new strategies to promote renewable energy. Committed to the goal of mitigating climate change through complete decarbonization of the United States electricity sector, the Green Energy Institute works at regional, state, and local levels to develop innovative policy incentives for renewable energy.

Although many states and the federal government have adopted renewable energy policies, these policies are not ambitious enough to meaningfully mitigate climate change. The Green Energy Institute aims to identify the greatest opportunities for policies to attract new investment in renewable energy.