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Green Energy Institute


The Green Energy Institute is the latest addition to Lewis & Clark’s Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program. Currently in its second year of operation, the Green Energy Institute is undertaking a suite of policy projects. Our work is designed to hasten the transition to a 100% renewable power grid by improving existing policies and incentives in order to entice investment from diverse energy-market stakeholders. 

Because a successful transition to renewable energy will require the participation of all stakeholders in the energy market, the Green Energy Institute is committed to a collaborative, cooperative approach to energy policy reform. Fortunately, the sheer scale of the required transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy guarantees that there are economic opportunities for all market sectors. The green energy pie is big enough for everyone to have a slice; we aim to ensure that everyone comes to the table. 

Too often, current energy policy treats deployment of renewable energy as a zero-sum game, in which one group’s success comes at the expense of others. Such a policy regime drives wedges between groups whose interests ought to be aligned. The Green Energy Institute is devoted to revealing the common interests that all energy-market stakeholders share. We believe that investing in renewables can be a win-win situation, generating jobs, profits, and environmental benefits simultaneously. 

We are eager to hear from all participants in the energy market. We believe that every constituency has valuable lessons to teach about the strengths and weaknesses of current renewable energy policy. Please feel free to contact us.