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Why contribute to the Law Fund?

Gifts to the Law Fund help guarantee that the law school’s highest priorities are funded each year, and are the single biggest source of annual student scholarship funding, outside of endowed funds.  The financial support of alumni and friends is critical to maintaining our exceptional national rating and first-rate programs.

Alumni support accounts for 75% of all gifts to the Law Fund.


What does your gift mean to students?

Natalie Hollabaugh, Class of 2021             

Natalie Hollabaugh, Class of 2021“Thank you for making the impossible possible.”

I was in the grocery store when I saw the email - I was accepted to Lewis & Clark Law School, with the scholarship offer waiting in my mailbox. My husband and I dropped our groceries in the store and drove home to see what was inside the letter. Opening that envelope opened up a whole new chapter for me I honestly didn’t think was possible.

Before attending Lewis & Clark Law School,  I taught middle and high school students in low income areas. Many students were removed from my classroom for a variety of legal reasons. As their teacher, I could help them academically but I couldn’t do anything about the legal situations that were impacting their education. I set my goal to go to law school for juvenile dependency and delinquency, because I loved working with teenagers and their families, and I wanted to do something that could help break down the barriers to learning.

Now that I’ve graduated, I have fully realized my goal and am serving as an Equal Justice Fellow working to fill gaps in the juvenile justice legal services and resource network in Oregon and create ongoing support to benefit youth. Without the support of generous donors, I would not have been able to pursue my dream to make a difference for teenagers and their families. 

All the stars had to align for me to make it into law school, and because of annual gifts to the Law Fund, they did.

Thank you. I am so very grateful that I was able to attend Lewis & Clark, and learn about the law that has fundamentally shaped what I am doing with my life.”

Justin Meek, Class of 2023

Justin Meeks, Class or 2023 Justin Meeks, Class or 2023“I am a student in the evening/part-time division, writing to express my deep gratitude.

Upon learning I received a scholarship to attend the Lewis & Clark Law School, I was at a loss for words. 

When I am not at school, I work as a Senior Financial Analyst supporting the global supply chain function for my company. After graduating, my goal is to practice law in a firm, focusing on complex business transactions. 

With my family rooted in our Portland community and a full-time job, my options for law school were limited. I am beyond thankful that Lewis & Clark Law School offered me a transformational scholarship and that the law school has such a flexible and robust evening program with rigorous standards.

At the beginning of my first semester, our Legal Methods Professor Steve Johansen said, “After law school you will never be the same person, you will never be able to look at an issue the same way” and I feel that change already. My approach to problem solving and analysis has deepened in ways I did not know were possible.

Ever since I was aware of the law and lawyers, I knew that’s what I was born to do. And now, because of gifts to the Law Fund, I am pursuing my dream of practicing law.  Once I am a successful attorney, I look forward to returning the favor by donating to a deserving student.”

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