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Endowed Giving

An endowment is a wonderful way to make a lasting contribution.

Make A Gift


Endowed funds provide a constant source of income over time, which the Law School can depend on scholarships, general support and allow for long term planning. Unlike other gifts, which are expended for short-term needs, gifts for an endowment are invested and the principal is held in perpetuity. Endowed funds are typically dedicated to particular purposes, consistent with donor desires, such as faculty chairs and professorships, student endowed scholarships, or gifts to the library.

Endowed scholarships allow the Law School to attract and retain gifted students who add to the richness and diversity of our student body. All endowed scholarships benefit from gifts, and new endowments are always a welcome addition to the assistance offered to our students.

Giving to existing endowment funds

You can add to the Law School’s endowment by making a gift to an existing endowment.

Endowed Chair and Professorship Opportunities

An endowment is a wonderful way to make a lasting contribution to the Law School. There are opportunities to name a faculty chair in honor of a favorite professor or family member. Endowed professorships honor distinguished individuals, celebrate collective intellectual rigor, stimulate learning between scholars and students, and advance interdisciplinary teaching and research. These very special gifts can be designated as a life gift or as a gift from a group of caring individuals. These endowment opportunities make a lasting difference and help to ensure that the Law School continues to have the ability to retain its brilliant and dedicated faculty.

Named Scholarship Opportunities

Endowed scholarships provide vital funds to assist students in pursuing their legal education. Scholarships can be made in your name or in honor of someone who has made a difference in your life. Because the principal is held in perpetuity, your endowed scholarship fund will last and help students indefinitely. Many of our alumni have established a named scholarship as a bequest. Donors also have the opportunity to help design selection criteria for the scholarship recipients and participate in the selection of recipients through scholarship selection committees. Click here to browse our list of endowed, donor-supported scholarships

To add to an endowed scholarship or create your own scholarship:

  1. Click: make a gift.
  2. Select “other” under “My Gift Should Benefit.” 
  3. Write in the name of the scholarship in the “other” box, or give a name to the new scholarship you would like to create.

Establishing an Endowment

There are many ways that you can start an endowed fund with the Law School. Please contact Bettina Calaba at 503.768.6647 or email: to learn more about endowment opportunities.