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Donor Named Scholarships

Below is a list of our endowed donor-supported scholarships. Many of these endowments feed into the Dean’s Scholarship for Excellence. Learn more about the Dean’s Scholarship here.

To add to an endowed scholarship or create your own scholarship:

  1. Click: make a gift 
  2. Select “other” under “My Gift Should Benefit.” 
  3. Write in the name of the scholarship in the “other” box, or give a name to the new scholarship you would like to create.
  4. Contact Bettina Calaba at to discuss more.


Allen Hein Memorial Scholarship

Alumni Board of Directors Scholarship

Andrea Swanner Redding Scholarship

Brooks Institute Scholarship for Animal Law

Candise DuBoff Jones Memorial Scholarship

Ed Brunet Scholarship

Fred & Sue Fields Law Scholarship

Gantenbein Fellows Scholarship

Hattie Bratzel-Kremen Scholarship

Helping Hand Scholarship

Immix Law Group Business Law Scholarship

Jane Wiener Scholarship

John and Susan Bates Family Endowed Scholarship for Business Law

Joyce Ann Harpole Memorial Scholarship

Kay Kitagawa and Andy Johnson-Laird IP Scholarship

Kennedy-King-Tongue Working Evening Student Scholarship

Krista Koehl Scholarship

Larry Kressel Memorial Scholarship

Lezak Legacy Program Stipend

Louis Schnitzer Scholarship

Manche Langley Scholarship

Michael and Rebecca Richman Memorial Scholarship

MDU Energy Law Scholarship

Michael St. Peter Endowed Scholarship

Minta Hicks Newell Memorial Scholarship

Moe M. Tonkon & Frederick H. Torp Scholarship

Nana Pao Minority Scholarship

Neva Elliott Scholarship

Patricia Kraske Scholarship

Paul H. Casey Scholarship for Business Law

Paul H. Casey Scholarship for Public Interest Law

Peter Nycum Scholarship

Professor Doug Newell Scholarship

Richard J. Peppin Scholarship for Animal Rights

Roosevelt Robinson Minority Scholarship

Rose Tucker Law Scholarship

Steven Manas Memorial Scholarship

Terry Wilson Scholarship