Steven Manas

Steven Manas Memorial Scholarship

“When we lost our beloved son Steven in a tragic kayaking accident in Alaska, we couldn’t even begin to cope with our grief. What a loss: his boundless energy, his idealism and the bright promise of his potential, all gone. When it was suggested we begin a Memorial at the Law School in his name, we were very enthusiastic. What we didn’t anticipate, however, were the warm and wonderful feelings we would get when reading the letters of thanks written by recipients. In every student’s self-description we found a little characteristic of our son, a memory, a reminder. It’s been most gratifying to be able to assist young people much like Steven, hoping to preserve our precious environment, and willing to work so hard in order to realize that goal. We thank you for that opportunity.” – Roy and Ginger Manas

The Steven Manas Scholarship was established in 1986 in memory of Steven Manas who died during his third year of law school. It is intended for students who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental protection and the prudent management of natural resources. Recipients also need to demonstrate a true selfless concern for the welfare and success of fellow students.

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