Jane Wiener Scholarship

The Jane Wiener Scholarship Fund was established in 1985 to recognize Jane Wiener, a 1973 graduate of the Law School. The scholarship is intended to provide support to law students with a disability.

About Jane

Jane, age 18, was injured in an automobile accident while a freshman at the University of Oregon. Norm Wiener explains, “It left her a quadriplegic for life. Her mother and I despaired of her future. After a year’s convalescence, she began a new life as a student at Portland State University. With no other future available, we persuaded her to attend the day law school at Lewis & Clark. She found a niche and graduated in 1973. She became an assistant district attorney for Multnomah County. She married. She had a child. She became a role model for others with disabilities, proving that you can accomplish much with what life deals you. When she died in 1994, her mother and I decided her role model status should not be forgotten so that is why today there is a Jane Wiener Scholarship Fund dedicated to helping students with a disability become lawyers and ultimately good citizens.”