Diehl Environmental Legacy Scholarship

Diehl Environmental Legacy Scholars are chosen for their interest in environmental issues and demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in public interest environmental law.

The Diehl Environmental Scholarship Fund was created from a large charitable bequest made by Washington environmental activist Robert E. Diehl upon his death in 2016. Diehl “had a life-long interest in nature and the outdoors, and was a self-taught enthusiast in biology, zoology, and ornithology. He used his skills to advance what he perceived to be sound environmental policy in a number of environmental cases, often prevailing, including a victory in the Washington Supreme Court.”

The generosity of his bequest reflects the enormous respect he had for the pioneering environmental work being done by our students and faculty scholars.

The scholarship recipient will be assigned a faculty or clinical faculty mentor who will introduce them to their environmental research interests. The mentor will also include recipients in events hosted by the environmental law department. Lastly, Diehl Environmental Legacy Scholars receive special consideration for Diehl Environmental Fellowships after graduation. Diehl Environmental Fellowships are awarded to graduates working in public interest environmental law, preferably in the areas of resource conservation, wildlife, habitat protection, and human population stabilization.