Law Scholars for Change Animal Law Tuition Scholarships

Established by the Law Scholars for Change Program, the Animal Law Tuition Scholarships are awarded to one 2L and one 3L each year. The scholarships are for applicants who are seeking a Certificate in Animal Law at Lewis & Clark Law School. Award recipients receive a scholarship award in an amount determined by Law Scholars for Change to apply towards a portion of the cost of tuition for courses required to obtain this Certificate.
Founded by Charles Anderson and Pamela Gross, the Law Scholars for Change Program supports individuals who have demonstrated the passion and commitment to promote the well-being or protection of animals through the law. The scholarships are also intended to support those who strive to advance the legal status of animals through innovations in awareness and advocacy, policy and regulation, and the use of new and existing laws to create positive change. Preference will be given to students seeking to specialize in industrial animal agriculture law.