Candise DuBoff Jones Scholarship

With the goal of perpetuating the values embraced by Candise DuBoff Jones ’77, this scholarship is granted to students who have a passion for the law, financial need, scholarly achievement, and a demonstrated commitment to law school, the profession, and their community.

The fund was established by friends and family in memory of Candise DuBoff Jones ’77 who, while representing her client, was murdered in the Domestic Relations Courtroom of the Multnomah County Courthouse by her client’s estranged husband in 1979.

Candise grew up on Long Island, New York and completed her undergraduate studies at Syracuse University. At an early age, she aspired to be a lawyer, the profession of her father and also her two brothers. She attended Lewis & Clark Law School from which she graduated in 1977. Following graduation, she became an associate in the Portland law firm of Robert L. McKee. She was a conscientious, hard-working attorney who loved her profession and strove to be the best possible representative of her client.