Philip A. Levin Memorial Scholarship

Philip A. Levin was a Portland Lawyer who died on July 25, 1967 at the age of thirty-nine. It was clear that his family, friends and colleagues felt that Mr. Levin’s death deprived Oregon of a citizen whose leadership would have been increasingly widely recognized.

Mr. Levin attended Yale College and Yale Law School. He was a partner in the firm Pozzi, Levin & Wilson. Mr. Levin’s specialty was appellate work, researching fine points of the law and arguing them before the Oregon Supreme Court and other high courts. Within the legal profession, Mr. Levin was highly respected. He was considered by the Oregon Supreme Court to be the foremost appellate lawyer in the Oregon Bar. Whenever the Supreme Court had a difficult problem to solve on ways of improving court rules, Mr. Levin was the man to whom it was most likely to turn for advice. His fellow lawyers had elected him a member of the board of governors of the state bar.

Mr. Levin taught at Lewis & Clark Law School. He also served in a number of public matters, such as his chairmanship for four years of the Multnomah County Public Welfare Commission. People familiar with his work in the field have called it outstanding.

This scholarship is given to an evening student each year who has exhibited need.