Amelia Hare ’26 (they/them)


Amelia was born in Greenville, South Carolina and spent most of their childhood chasing their collie, looking for cicada skins, and swimming and gardening during humid summers. They moved to Seattle with family at 13 and felt that Portland would be a fine place for their next adventure. As a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and a lover of found family, they are excited to be building community at Lewis and Clark and finding new ways to engage with people.

Amelia is majoring in biology and minoring in French. They jump at any opportunity to talk about animals and plants and love speaking French with peers. Amelia is also a second violin in the Lewis and Clark orchestra. When they’re not practicing for the next rehearsal or lesson, they’re usually walking and talking with friends in Tryon park, working on the campus grounds keeping team, or cooking southern hodgepodge in the resident hall kitchens.