Alondra Olea (she/her) ’26

Year: 3rd year

Major: Biology

Minor: Health studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA and Salem, OR

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Be willing to try new things! Go out and don’t be afraid to do things alone, often times that’s how you end up making friends you otherwise wouldn’t have met!

Involvements on campus: At the moment I am a part of the Gente Latina Unida leadership team where our main focus is to make the Latine community of LC feel like we belong here. We are able to do this with things like chisme nights where we talk over dinner and dances where the community is able to listen to music in Spanish to feel a little bit more at home.

I am also a part of the SACNAS leadership team, which is a society for the advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Stem fields. Our focus is to support the BIPOC community of Lewis & Clark to succeed in their chosen STEM field, both academically and emotionally. The BIPOC community already has such a difficult time at a PWI, but it’s even harder trying to succeed in fields that are historically made up of white men.

I am also a first generation college student!