Abby Yamashita (she/her) ’27

What year are you: 2nd year

What Sport(s) do you play: Softball

At what age did you start playing your sport: 7 years old 

What does IME mean to you: IME is all about inclusion and uplifting all the voices and members of our community. It is also a space for self exploration and self expression in relation to culture and identity.

What do you want students to know about The Collective: I want students to know about the student run portion of the collective and how empowering it can feel to connect with peers who can relate to you on deeper levels.

Come chat with me about: I am open to talking about anything. Personally, mentally, sports, relationships, etc. I may not always know what to say but I am always there to listen and help point people in the right direction if they need help.