Residence Hall ADA Access Improvements

Focus Areas: Platt-Howard, Copeland, Tamarack

Construction Started: Ongoing

Anticipated Completion: May 2025


Enhancing Accessibility: Door Upgrades Across Campus!

We’re thrilled to announce some fantastic ADA access improvements coming to our campus to continue our enhanced accessibility! Key areas include:

  • Platt Main Entrance: Door Operator
  • Copeland Main Entrance: Outer and Inner Door Operators & Card Access
  • Tamarack Main Entrance: Door Operator & Relocate Card Reader to ADA Height
  • Howard Main Lounge: Door Operator & Card Access

These spaces are frequently used for college events hosted by Campus Living staff, various campus offices, and registered student organizations. Ensuring inclusive access to these events is a top priority, and these upgrades will make it easier for everyone to participate.

Additionally, Copeland’s main entrance, which offers a stunning view of the fireplace lounge, will soon be more accessible. This entry, previously “exit only,” will now have card access and double door operators, providing a warm and welcoming entrance for all.

Stay tuned for these exciting upgrades that make our campus more inclusive and accessible!


Julie Bunker
Capital Projects Manager
(503) 768-7843