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Kenneth Clifton

Dr Clifton’s research interests lie in the realms of behavioral ecology and life history. He has worked with a wide variety of terrestrial and marine organisms in both tropical and temperate habitats including coral reefs, East African savanna, kelp forests, and coastal wetlands. He is particularly interested in the environmental and demographic factors that govern where organisms are found and how their distribution and abundance ultimately influences spatial and temporal patterns of reproduction. Occasionally, he studies the dispersion and feeding response of anadromous fishes in the Pacific NW. Dr Clifton is also a contributing faculty member in the Environmental Studies Program.

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Kenneth Clifton’s office is located in room 211 of Biology-Psychology.


voice 503-768-7508

Kenneth Clifton Professor of Biology and Chair of Biology

Biology Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road MSC 53 Portland OR 97219 USA